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Redlands Sons of the American Revolution
Fifth Grade

The topic is:
The Battle of Saratoga, Turning point of the American Revolution 

The Battle of Saratoga was actually two battles fought during September and October of 1777. It was  a crucial victory for the Patriots during the American Revolution and is considered the key turning point of the Revolutionary War, as it helped convince France to support the Patriots cause.

This contest is open to grade school students studying the American Revolution. In California public schools, the American Revolution is normally taught in the 5th grade, but private and charter school may teach it in grades 4 through 6. Entries should be submitted to local SAR chapters through school classrooms or directly by cub scouts and CAR members.

Posters are judged on the following criteria:

Does the poster express the annual theme, show originality and evidence of research. Does the poster show artistic merit and creativity and is it neat and visually pleasing and does the poster accurately reflect the yearly topic?

TIP: Check for spelling and historical accuracy!

• Poster will be on standard poster board (22" x 28")
• Any media of drawing material may be used, and students may paste unpublished material (not commercially printed) on their boards.
• No three dimensional posters will be accepted.
• No group project posters. Each poster must be done by one individual student.
All entries must have the following information taped to the back of the poster (the front of the poster must not be signed or labeled): Student data: Name, Address, Home Phone Number, Age, and Grade. School data: Name of Teacher, Name of School, Address, and Sponsoring SAR Chapter: Redlands
Social Security Number will be required for State Winners, before entering in National Contest to be eligible for National Prizes.
The subject must conform to the theme for 2017-18, Revolutionary War Person or Persons. ,
showing evidence of research. The student may include a short written explanation on the poster concerning symbols used.

• All posters will be judged by the following criteria:
1) Does the poster express the annual theme?
2) Does the poster show originality by the student?
3) Does the poster show evidence of research?
4) Does the poster show artistic merit and creativity?
5) Does the poster accurately reflect the historical event?

National Americanism Poster Contest Prizes
Winner: First Place Blue Rosette Ribbon $300 Educational Savings Bond Certificate
1st Runner-up: Second Place Red Rosette Ribbon $200 Educational Savings Bond Certificate
2nd Runner-up: Third Place White Rosette Ribbon $100 Educational Savings Bond Certificate
The local Chapter and State Societies may also present awards and additional prizes.

Entrants must contact Poster Chairman by Feb. 1, 2018 to arrange for judging.
Poster Chairman Daniel Piedlow 
Home 760-242-0859
Cell phone 760-953-5895
For information on the Americanism Poster Contest:
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