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Redlands SAR Patriot Ancestors

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Redlands SAR Patriot Ancestors Map

For nearly a year now we've, at intervals, discussed the idea of having an online map showing our patriot ancestors. I worked out how it could get done, and how to implement and maintain such a map. Here's what I came up with:

This would be an interactive online map accessed from our website. I would propose that we place points on the map where each of our ancestors either entered into their patriotic service or performed their service. To use the map you can zoom in to see the dots in better context and click on the dot to see a brief biographical sketch of the patriot and their contribution.

I can have Esri host the data on servers that I manage. I've already got most of a basemap of colonial north America completed and served on Esri servers, and we can use that. We would make the map available through the website.

We would ask members for the following information within [ ]s below to be put in this short standard narrative:

[ancestor name & rank or title] was born on [birth date] in [town, county, colony or country].
He/She performed the patriotic service at [town, county, colony or country] by [fill in the act or service they embarked upon].

[optional paragraph summarizing any other notable contributions in 100-200 words].

[name & rank or title] died on [date] in [town, county, colony or country], and was buried [location if known].

For example my Ancestor's dot, when click on, would show a small window with the following text:

Major Isaac Frye was born in 1748 in Andover, Massachusetts Bay Colony. He performed the patriotic service of responding to the alarm for the battle of Lexington and Concord from the town of Wilton, New Hampshire, enlisting as a 2nd lieutenant in the 3d New Hampshire Regiment of what would become the Continental Army on April 21st, 1775 at Medford, Massachusetts.

Isaac Frye served continuously as an officer in the Continental Army from its first day of existence until its final day in November of 1783. He was given a captain's commission in November of 1776. He was breveted a Major by an act of Congress that same month. He fought in the battles of Bunker Hill, Freeman's Farm, Bemis Heights, Tioga, King's Bridge, and was among the reserves who entered Redoubt #10 last at Yorktown. He also served in the Defense of Canada Campaign in 1776 and was at Valley Forge for the winter of 1778. He also served as a captain in the First American Regiment of Foot during the first half of 1784.

Isaac Frye died in November of 1791 of an unnamed illness at his farm in Wilton, New Hampshire. He is buried at Vale End Cemetery in a now unmarked grave.


Please supply as much of the information as you can on the form below and submit it so we can include your patriot ancestor.

Thank you
Charlie Frye

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