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SAR is a patriotic, philanthropic organization of adult male descendants of someone who served the nation in its development during the Revolutionary War period.

Goal of our organization:

The SAR, as a historical, educational, and patriotic organization, seeks to maintain and extend:

  • The institutions of American freedom
  • An appreciation for true patriotism
  • A respect for our national symbols
  • The value of American citizenship
  • The unifying force of e pluribus unum that has created, from the people of many nations, one nation and one people.

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    Activities Calendar 2016

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    JANUARY 2016

    • Jan 16, 2016 --- Chapter Meeting --- Chapter Meeting at the Irvine Commons dining facilities, rooms A and B at 8:30 AM


      Highland City Councilman and retired city manager Sam Racadio on:

      “What makes America Great?”

      As a world traveler, Racadio has observed that no other country is quite like the United States of America.

      As a Peace Corps volunteer and as a city official who has visited with city managers and other city officials in many nations, Racadio marveled at America’s uniqueness.

      While studying at the University of Redlands, Sam became interested in international affairs. He was given an opportunity to work in the US Foreign Service, where he observed that even nations like Great Britain and Australia don’t have the key ingredient we are blessed with.

      We enjoyed hearing Sam’s insights on what makes America Great.

    The Redlands Chapter Sons of the American Revolution
    honored our local law enforcement patriots
    who came to San Bernardino’s Aide on December 2, 2015
    with a special ceremony for the Heads of Department

    Saturday January 23, 2016
    1:30 P.M.
    Norman F. Feldheym Central Library
    Bing Wong Auditorium
    555 West 6th Street, San Bernardino, CA 92410

    for more information contact:
    Daniel F. Piedlow
    President, Redlands SAR
    13804 Delaware Rd.
    Apple Valley, CA
    C (760) 953-5895

    Below we have a link to download a PDF of the flier for the law enforcement award ceremony


    Click on image to open the PDF flier.

    Or click:
    Law Enforcement Award Ceremony PDF


    FEBRUARY 2016

    •  Board of Directors Meeting - TBA
    • Feb 20, 2016    --- Chapter Meeting   Essay Contest awards program.
      U of R Irvine Commons dining facilities, rooms A and B at 8:30 AM
    • February 20, 2016 8:30 AM - Chapter Meeting:

      We held our George S. and Stella M. Knight Essay Contest awards program:

      The topic of the essay dealt with an event, person, philosophy, or ideal associated with the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, or the framing of the United States Constitution.

      This contest is open to all students attending public, parochial, or private high schools (including accredited home schools) in the Inland Empire area.

      Awards were presented at the Redlands Chapter meeting on Saturday February 20th and the top three contestants read their essays.

      The First Place Prize of $100.00 and entry in to the state competition was awarded to Kaia Glendrange of Redlands High School.

      Second place of $50.00 to Redlands High School student Kyrellos Ibrahim.

      Third place, $25.00 to Redlands High School student Sameer Kejriwal.

      For more information on the Essay contest click here

      We also did the judging of the Poster Contest and Brochure Contest

      The names of the contest winners:

      5th Grade Poster:

      1st Place – Jadyn Rea
      2nd Place – Madison Marks
      3rd Place – Ronnie M.

      8th Grade Brochure:

      1st Place – Theora J. Von Tungeln
      2nd Place – Maxwell A. Von Tungeln
      3rd Place – Jerek Stevenson


    MARCH 2016

    • Mar 14 --- Azusa Pacific History Day*
    • March --- Board of Directors Meeting TBA
    • Mar 19 --- Chapter meeting -
      U of R Irvine Commons dining facilities, rooms A and B at 8:30 AM
    • March 19, 2016 8:30 AM:

      Charlie Frye spoke about the organization and response of the New Hampshire militia to the alarm given on April 19th, 1775.

      Title: From Congress to Minutemen, was the War for American Independence Inevitable?


      How did 20,000 men arrive to besiege Boston on April 19th and 20th in 1775? It took organization and many months of preparation. It also took vision. The vision to recognize the inevitability of military action, and that once begun, half-measures would not suffice. What would it take for you, or your sons to act so decisively on a moment's notice? Would you have been a minuteman? Come learn how a farmer, a town, and a county bought in, and turned the colony of New Hampshire into a province, provinces into states, and ultimately created a new nation.


      APRIL 2016

      • April 16 --- Chapter Meeting:
      • April 16, 2016 8:30 AM - Chapter Meeting - was at the University of Redlands, Irvine Commons dining facilities, rooms A and B.   The Universities address is 1200 E. Colton Avenue, Redlands 92374.

        Program - Wayne Snowden talked about a conversation between Benjamin Franklin and Lord Grenville, which helps define the ideological differences that led up to the American Revolution. Wayne coved highlights of the conversation showing changing attitudes of the English Nobility and Parliament towards the colonies, with the installation of the Hanover line of Kings. He also looked at the struggle for more Parliamentary power and its encroachment upon the Kings historical and customary rights, and a resumption of the English Civil War of 1688-89.

      • April   --- Board of Directors Meeting


      MAY 2016


      • May --- Board of Directors Meeting 

      • May 21 --- Chapter Meeting:

      • May 21, 2016 8:30 AM - Chapter Meeting - wss at the University of Redlands, Irvine Commons dining facilities, rooms A and B.   The Universities address is 1200 E. Colton Avenue, Redlands 92374.

        Program - Patrick Lyons - on the Battle of Point Pleasant

        Patrick Lyons, Redlands SAR Treasurer, gave a presentation on the Battle of Point Pleasant, a conflict of Lord Dunmore’s War. Preceding the Revolutionary War by six months, he discussed the battle’s relevance to the patriot cause.

        Sir Joshua Reynolds - John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore - Google Art Project.jpg

        John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore

        The Battle of Point Pleasant was fought on 10 October 1774 on the banks of the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers between Virginian Militia led by Colonel Andrew Lewis and Ohio Confederacy forces led by Chief Cornstalk. It was the only major engagement of Dunmore’s War and the most important battle ever fought in present West Virginia.

        In response to hostilities along the Ohio River that spring, Lord Dunmore, the last colonial governor of Virginia, assembled two armies to attack the Shawnee villages in Ohio, both numbering about 1,000 men. The northern army, led by Dunmore proceeded to Fort Pitt while the second army, commanded by Colonel Lewis journeyed down the Kanawha River to its mouth at Point Pleasant. Before Lewis could cross the Ohio River he was attacked by an equal force of Shawnee and their allies. The battle raged nearly all day and descended into hand-to-hand combat before the natives mistook a flanking move for reinforcements and retreated.

        The ensuing treaty with the Ohio Confederacy resulted in a general peace on the frontier during the first few critical years of the American Revolution and also served to free up men to fight the British in battles elsewhere. Occurring a half year before hostilities at Lexington and Concord, the Battle of Point Pleasant is little known.

      • May 30 --- Memorial Day Ceremony, Hillside Cemetery, Redlands*


      Junior ROTC Recognition Program

      Thank you to all those who helped this year with the Junior ROTC Recognition Program, especially Chairman Sam Irwin and Compatriot Benny Croyle.

      JUNE 2016

      • June --- No Board of Directors Meeting, Summer Break
      • June ---No Chapter meeting, Summer Break

      • June 25th 2016 -

        Award ceremony for the firefighters who responded to the December 2nd terrorist attack.

        2 pm at theNorman F. Feldheym Central Library,
        555 W. 6th St., San Bernardino.

        Redlands Daily Facts article
        Daniel Piedlow
        President Redlands, CA Chapter
        Sons of the American Revolution


      JULY 2016

      Redlands-SAR-Colorguard Sylvan Park Parade    Colorguard Encampment-Redlands-SAR-Sylvan-Park
      • July 4 --- Redlands Parade / Encampment - Color Guard at Sylvan Park*
        The annual 4th of July Parade will begin from Franklin School on Colton Avenue at 10:30 a.m and work its way around Sylvan Park.

      • July --- No Chapter meeting, Summer Break. Come see our Color Guard encampment in Sylvan Park.


      AUGUST 2016

      • AUGUST --- No Chapter meeting, Summer Break
      • August --- Board of Directors Meeting TBA


      SEPTEMBER 2016

      • SEPTEMBER --- Board of Directors Meeting TBA

      • September 17 - Chapter Meeting was at 8:30 AM, at the University of Redlands in Conference Room A/B in the rear of the cafeteria.

        Program: Shawn Price will do training and answer questions on.

        The Youth Protection Training

        Shawn has had extensive experience serving the Boy Scout Youth programs.
        He has become familiar with the Boy Scout Youth Protection training program, and will share his knowledge with us.

        In 2015, the Insurance and Risk Management Committee of the NSSAR recommended that the state societies implement a youth protection training program for all compatriots involved with the various youth programs. One training program already in place is the Boy Scout Youth Protection training; this is required of all adults as part of their registration as an adult leader with the Boy Scout program.

        Since the Boy Scout Youth Protection training program has been in place and on-line for some years, it was recommended that this training be adopted for all compatriots involved in the various youth programs; it was subsequently adopted at the CASSAR Fall 2015 Board of Managers meeting for those involved at the chapter and state levels.

        The training itself is on-line, takes about 30 minutes and is valid for two years. Once training has been completed, you should print out the Certificate of Completion and e-mail a copy to Derek Brown (Youth Activities Director) at This information is also being e-mailed to all chapter officers. Please check the CASSAR youth programs web page for specific instructions.

        To take the BSA Youth Protection training, follow these simple steps...

        1. Go to
        2. To create an account
        a. Username ________________________
        b. Choose the line that includes I am not a member
        c. Include your name, address and e-mail address.
        d. Choose e-mail opt-in
        e. Create a password
        f. Go to your e-mail account and click on the link in the e-mail
        g. Log in: using you username and password you just created and answer 2 security questions

        3. Click on the training in the GRAY sidebar:
        a. Click on E-learning
        b. Click on the link to My to take the Youth Protection Training
        c. On the new page scroll down to the Youth Protection training
        d. Click on take class –this starts the video
        e. Take the online class - takes about 30 minutes in segments with questions in between
        f. If you choose a wrong answer, click on the red BACK ARROW to choose the correct answer
        g. After the video, choose the Boy Scout Council closest to you - you can open your browser to look for that council
        h. Download the Scout Executive letter
        i. Enter your full name
        j. Print the training certificate. Keep a copy of this training card; this is good for two years.
        k. Make a copy for your chapter secretary and e-mail a copy to the CASSAR Youth Activities Director
        l. To update your training and logging back in, you will only need your username and password.


        OCTOBER 2016

        • OCTOBER 9 --- Board of Directors Meeting
        • October 15--- Chapter meeting -8:30 AM -

          was at the new location!

          To help keep, our cost down we will be meeting at the

          Redlands Denny’s
          1180 Alabama St, Redlands, CA 92374
          for both October and November.

          The only requirement they have is we spend a minimum of $100.00 in food.

          The program for our October meet was planed to be "Amelia Earhart's Last Photo Shoot" by speaker/author, Douglass Westfall.
          Mr. Westfall was unable to make it to the meeting and was rescheduled for November.
          The members present held an informal business meeting.


          NOVEMBER 2016

          • NOVEMBER 3 --- Board of Directors 
          • NOVEMBER 19 --- Chapter Meeting:
            we will be meeting at the

            Redlands Denny’s
            1180 Alabama St, Redlands, CA 92374

            The only requirement they have is we spend a minimum of $100.00 in food.

            Map: Redlands Denny’s
            1180 Alabama St, Redlands, CA 92374

            Program: (Rescheduled from October )"Amelia Earhart's Last Photo Shoot" by speaker/author, Douglass Westfall.

            Douglas Westfall, Historical Publisher.

            "I have been publishing for over twenty years, and during this time I have had the opportunity to publish some of the really great stories of America's History.
            Some of our books I author, and many are written by selected authorities, while others are reproductions of significant historical publications.
            Over the years, I have discovered dozens of artifacts, hundreds of manuscripts, and literally thousands of historic photographs -- all previously unpublished. All of the historic photos are carefully restored and each artifact, manuscript, and photograph we obtain is donated to public archives."

            Douglas Westfall -- American Historian
            The Paragon Agency -- Publishers of "My American History"
            P.O. Box 1281 -- Orange, CA 92856

            MR. Westfall has a great story to tell based on his research and many photos to share.


          DECEMBER 2016

          • DECEMBER 1  --- Board of Directors Meeting


          • December 10 - Chapter Meeting @ 8:30am in the University Club.

            We meet at the University Club – and had our traditional Holiday program where we made a special effort to invite family and friends to join us.

            We enjoyed the delightful performance put on by The Citrus Valley High School Singers and the buffet breakfast by Bon Appetit.


        • * Color Guard event li>