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SAR is a patriotic, philanthropic organization of adult male descendants of someone who served the nation in its development during the Revolutionary War period.

Goal of our organization:

The SAR, as a historical, educational, and patriotic organization, seeks to maintain and extend:

  • The institutions of American freedom
  • An appreciation for true patriotism
  • A respect for our national symbols
  • The value of American citizenship
  • The unifying force of e pluribus unum that has created, from the people of many nations, one nation and one people.


    Redlands Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution

    2016 Officers and Chairmen

    Elected Officers Appointed Offices Youth Program Chairs
    President The President shall preside over all meetings of the membership and the Executive Committee. He shall appoint all general and special committees necessary to carry out the work and Programs of the Chapter during his term, with the concurrence of the Executive Committee.
    Daniel F. Piedlow
    13804 Delaware Rd.
    Apple Valley, CA
    H (760) 242-0859
    C (760) 953-5895
    Corresponding Secretary The Corresponding Secretary shall:
    1. Notify membership of upcoming events by the following means.
    a. Direct email
    b. Providing announcements to chapter web master
    2. Maintain a current list of email addresses for chapter members that can be used for chapter-wide communication.
    3. Maintain a current list of email addresses for chapter officers and committee chairs and members that can be used to directly communicate with the officers and committees.
    4. Maintain a current list of email addresses for prospective members—coordinate this with the chapter registrar

    Wayne Snowden
    1049 Forest Drive
    Colton, CA 92324
    Eagle Scout Program The Eagle Scout Program Chair shall
    Shawn W. Price
    11585 Butterfield St.
    Loma Linda, CA 92354
    909 796-4904
    1st Vice President The First Vice-President shall function in the absence of the President, and shall perform such duties as may be specifically assigned to him. He shall be responsible for programs, and for obtaining guest speakers.
    John A. Flippin
    817 Birch Ct
    Redlands, CA 92374
    Cell phone (909) 557-0933
    Web Master The Web Master shall update the website.
    Charles R. Kiel
    PO Box 162
    Highland, CA 92346-0162
    909 862-8237
    High School
    Knight Essay Contest
    The Knight Essay Contest Chairman shall Promote and conduct the Knight Essay Contest

    Charles R. Kiel
    PO Box 162
    Highland, CA 92346-0162

    909 862-8237
    2nd Vice President The Second Vice-President shall function in the absence of both the President and First Vice President. He shall be responsible for the Chapter public relations, including news items for the publication of the newsletter. He shall be an ex-officio member of the Awards Committee.
    Color Guard Commander The Color Guard Commander shall
    Melvin Harrell
    P.O. Box 3334
    Running Springs, CA
    909 939-2523
    ROTC/JROTC Program The ROTC/JROTC Program Charman shall
    Arthur Sam Irwin
    30535 Country Club Dr.
    Redlands, CA 92373
    909 794-3492
    The Secretary shall:
    1. Keep the official copy of the Chapter’s by-laws and monitor the state society’s by-laws to ensure the chapter remains consistent with state society operations
    2. Maintain a copy of the minutes of chapter meetings
    3. Receive all new membership certificates and materials.
    a. Ensure the treasurer and corresponding secretary receive all information they need to meet their responsibilities relative to the new member
    b. Notify Chapter president, the new member’s sponsor, and the corresponding secretary that the prospective member has been approved and that the prospective member should be invited to the next chapter meeting(s) so they may be inducted into the chapter.
    4. Submit monthly and annual chapter activity reports to the state society as required by the state society.
    Donald W. Boatright
    38584 Florence Ave.
    Beaumont, CA 92223
    Home (951) 267-3098
    Cell (909) 553-5813
    Genealogist The Genealogist shall
    Shawn W. Price
    11585 Butterfield St.
    Loma Linda, CA 92354
    909 796 - 4904
    Elementary School
    Poster Contest 
    Daniel Piedlow
    Home 760-242-0859
    Cell phone 760-953-5895
    Treasurer The Treasurer shall receive all dues, and shall deposit all funds in a bank selected by the Executive Committee. He shall keep accurate records of all financial transactions by the Chapter including:
    1. Keeping an up to date an accurate roster of the chapter’s membership.
    2. Collect the dues for chapter, state, and national society from chapter members and convey the proper portions to the state and national societies.
    3. Arrange and pay for food service and accommodations for each chapter meeting.
    a. Collect or delegate the collection of, as needed, each chapter meeting’s meal income from members.
    b. Report the state of the food service and meeting accommodations to executive board on a monthly basis.
    c. Conduct the 50/50 drawing.
    4. Provide a report on the state of the chapter’s treasury at each chapter meeting and for executive board meetings.
    5. Provide recommendation for valid chapter expenses incurred by program chairs, committee chairs, and chapter. officers.
    6. Directly purchase SAR materials, as requested by chapter officers, using chapter funds.
    7. Maintain chapter accounts that support chapter activities. Currently the main chapter activites include:
    a. Chapter meetings and operations.
    b. Color Guard.
    c. Col. John E. Ford III Memorial Scholarship Fund.
    8. Accept and deposit all donations as specified by donors (when possible to meet their specific requests).
    9. Prepare and file chapter’s annual tax return.

    Patrick Lyons
    6052 Blossom PL.
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    858 397-4074

    Newsletter The Newsletter Chairman shall
    Will Langford
    669 Center Crest Dr.
    Redlands, CA 92373
    909 792-8939
    Middle School Tri-Fold
    Brochure Contest
    Daniel Piedlow 
    Home 760-242-0859
    Cell phone 760-953-5895
    Registrar The Registrar shall review and approve the preparation and submittal to the California Society, SAR of applications by candidates for membership in SAR.
    Charles E. Frye
    12714 Hilltop Drive
    Redlands, CA 92374
    (909) 798-9526
    Ways and Means Chair The Ways and Means Chairman shall
    The Joseph S. Rumbaugh
    Historical Oration Contest
    Charles R. Kiel
    PO Box 162
    Highland, CA 92346-0162

    909 862-8237